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About our company

Integrated Financial Technologies offers unmatched custom Servicing Solutions for lenders including primary loan & lease servicing, customer service, collections, default management, as well as divisions in Consulting and Lead Management solutions.

Our Products & Solutions

Business Process Outsourcing and Customer Concierge solutions for your business
Enhanced Lead
Primary Loan
Portfolio Purchase
Lead Management/Concierge Services
We assist you in achieving managing your customer engagement to maximize sales in the best possible way.
Customer Service and Account Management
We offer customer service at your ease and account management is one of the specializations that we do flawlessly.
Default Management / Collections Service
We handle Bailiff Assignment, Repossession process, Bankruptcy and Bad debt collection agency assignments. Early to Late stage and all related processes are handled by us, and we make sure that you are satisfied at the end of the day.
Customized Rapid Deployment Technologies & Reporting Tool
Our customized Rapid Deployment Technology is very flexible and scalable, our management services are perfectly capable of handling any size of portfolios. With our clear and accurate reporting tools, we can successfully take over the management within weeks of the agreement.
Portfolio Acquisition/Wind Down
Our Travelers Leadership Team has excellent experience in portfolio acquisitions, making all our transactions smooth and speedy.
Industry Experience
Our previous ventures have included the successful purchases of Auto, Equipment and consumer finance portfolios.
Bi-Lingual Customer Service
Our agents are all bi-lingual, easily able to communicate in both English and French, thereby being able to serve an even wider audience efficiently.
Years of Experience with Various LMS, LOS and Portal Technologies
Our team has years of experience in all aspects of lender operations, guaranteeing a deep understanding of the customer business models.
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